The City And The Town

The City And The Town Artwork

The Brief

Written by Anders Lustgarten
Directed by Dritero Kasapi

When Ben returns home to his father’s funeral after 13 years away, he is confronted with uncomfortable truths about the past, present and future of the community and the family he grew up in and left behind.

We were asked to film a run through of a rehearsed reading, along with interviews with the actors who were helping with the development of the play. This generated video content to help promote the play, which then went on to have an international tour.

When they play was in rehearsals for it’s stage debut, we edited together rehearsal room clips, maintaining the same branding and style we had previously used – to help tie all the elements together.

Video Examples

Read-through Documenting
We interviewed the cast, director and writer to piece together an interesting and engaging story about how the piece came about, and some of the main talking points of the play. Designed to keep the audiences attention throughout with cut-away b-roll of the rehearsal and a variety of talking points.
Interview Example
We edited together footage shot in rehearsals before the play took to the stage. We kept the same branding package as before to maintain consistency.

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