Digital Media Production

Video Production

We work with a variety of clients at varying stages in their projects. We can help devise a plan for your project, film the elements, animate your ideas and produce engaging video content, accessible to a wide audience.

We have extensive experience working in the Theatre Industry and pride ourselves on creating stunning production trailers for projects we have worked on – capturing the detail developed by the creative teams working on the project.

Multiple Video Formats

Social Media Content

Digital content is consumed on a number of devices. Our main product being professionally produced video content, means we are able to export multiple final versions suited to a variety of formats. For example, Instagram is descigned around mobile phones with a portrait screen – so why not have a version of your project designed for this format? It is key that in the 21st Century, your content looks good on every device, and is accessible to all.

Branding, Intros & Stings

You may have a logo designed for your business/project, but you might not have an eye-catching animated version. If your business/project needs a new logo or introduction created, we are able to facilitate this – either by using existing house styles, or creating something new.

Commercial Presentation Elements

Using a variety of tools, we are able to make eye-catching video transitions, stings and compositions to enhance a presentation or video production. An example of this would be an award show with animated nominee reveals and an animated winner sequence with an acceptance speech. 

Sound Recording & Production

We are also able to record and edit audio content. Are you looking to create a podcast or audio interview to advertise your product? Maybe you are after a radio jingle to advertise a new service? Get in touch as we may be able to help!

Audio Recording

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