Live Streaming

Reach new audiences with Live Streaming

Using our array of cameras, we can capture your event and broadcast it to your remote viewers – enabling you to reach a wider audience with a professionally produced stream.

Theatre Live Streaming

It can be hard to achieve a high quality stream of your theatre show. It’s not just the fast internet connection and the quality of the image – It’s the whole approach. From choosing the best locations for the cameras to be located, learning the show and the best moments to capture, including the remote audience in the show, portraying the atmosphere in the room on the stream, and carefully selecting the best shot at the best moment.

Event Live Streaming

Corporate Events can benefit from Live Streaming conference sessions and breakout rooms via the internet. Being able to sell tickets to an online platform that your remote clients can access creates an extra revenue stream on top of the in-person audience. This can help you reach a wider country base, or help those unable to attend join the event.

Talking Head Interview setup from behind the camera

Studio Space for Hosting

We can create a studio space anywhere for your stream to be hosted from. This could be for someone introducing the main event, or for commentary between segments of your event. We can create a bespoke arrangement depending upon your needs.

Watching your Stream

Capturing the stream is only half of the job. We use industry standard technology to send the produced video live to your audience. We rely on trusted industry partners such as Vimeo, Crowdcast and Amazon AWS to deliver the high quality stream to your viewers.

Streams can be password protected, hidden behind a ticketed system, or open to the public.

Multiple Video Formats

Live Streaming Options

There are a variety of methods that are often used under the ‘Live Streaming’ banner. 

  • We can record your show and play back to your audience as if it was live
  • We can record your show and offer an on-demand version similar to Netflix or iPlayer
  • We can Live Stream the show as it happens so the audience watches in real time.
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