Accessibility is an important addition to consider when planning your project. We are able to provide multiple options of accessibility for your project and help integrate them into your final product.

Make your project accessible with pre-checked captioning, British Sign-Language translation and pre-recorded Audio Description.

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Captioning is a simple way to add an extra layer of accessibility to your video. Some video platforms will automatically create captions for you – although these aren’t to be relied upon.

Adhearing to industry accepted standards, we can caption your videos for you in English. Get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can help.

Closed Captioning

Once a transcript is created, individual captions are created at timestamps throughout the video. We can provide them in a suitable file format to upload with your final video – all time aligned to where they need to appear. This can be uploaded to all the popular video hosting sites – YouTube, Vimeo etc. and can be turned on and off by the user using settings on the video player.

Open Captioning

Another option is to ‘bake it in’ on the video so that every viewer sees it, and they can’t be turned off. This is performed in the edit when the actual video file is created. This gives you more control over how the captions appear.

Either of these options are a great idea to increase your potential audience’s engagement. Captions aren’t just for people that can’t hear. Some users prefer to have captions on even if  they can hear the content.

Creative Captioning

Creative captioning is a phrase typically used in the theatre world where captions are integrated into the performance and become part of the world of the show. This may mean captions are projected live on set elements of a theatrical performance, or are added on to a live or recorded video in post production.

Captioning Live Performances

Coming from a theatrical background, we are able to advise how best to integrate captions into a live performance or event. We are also able to facilitate live captioning of live streams. See more about Live Streaming here.

BSL Interpretation

An option for your videos is to include a BSL Interpreter in the corner, or along side the content. We are able to film the interpreter with a green-screen to include them in the video. We have some BSL Interpreters we work with regularly, but are also able to film your own interpreter too.

The video on the right shows how this can work. It’s important to understand that BSL is a language in its own right. You can find out more about it here.

‘Tales from the Forest’
Animation & Edit by Warehouse Digital
BSL interpretation: Kate Labno

Audio Description Recording & Editing

Do you have a show or event that you’d like to make accessible by using pre-recorded Audio Description? We have experience of recording multiple shows and events’ audio description. We are also able to create a playback method to allow repeatable, accurate description without the overhead of someone having to press play on each segment. We have worked with a number of script writers that we can suggest for you to use for your production.

Don’t have any Audio Description equipment? Get in touch, and we can help you source some.

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