Projection Mapping

What is projection mapping?

Projection Mapping is the process of projecting onto a building or surface and creatively highlighting architectural features or using parts of the building to display custom content.

Projection Mapping works well when it’s dark outside, and there is minimal light pollution in the surrounding area, as this helps the content really ping out to the audience. Winter months are favourable as the sun setting earlier helps with unwanted light – however very late summer evenings can also work!

What content can be projected?

Almost any content can be projected onto a building. A lot of factors will come into the decision process for each design including the original colour of the building, the flat areas of the building that can take the content, and the type of show.

Any architectural features that would be good to highlight such as window frame or brick work can be incorporated into a projection design and all help to create a magical experience for the audience. 

Each show can either be timed to music, or a silent loop created for a passing audience to enjoy in a public place.

What does Warehouse Digital do?

We will manage your show from start to finish. We come from a theatre background, so creating and running a live show is no problem for us. From initial design discussions, site planning, installation, content creation and show operation – we will manage it all.

We use a variety of stock libraries and custom created content for every show to align the final product to your brief. We can supply projectors, stands, hides – whatever is needed to make the show a success. 

Projection Mapping

Behind the Scenes – Each Projection Mapping show has unique content. This is a sneak peek of a private party with family pics projected on their house!

A typical Projection Map Process


Scans of the building are taken, along with a site map being created to ensure projectors will work in the performance space


The project brief is refined, and the concepts of the show are finalised. Content is sourced and created, and a timeline for the show is created.


Projectors are installed along with supporting infrastructure. The projected image is aligned and content tested before the show date.


The projection either runs itself in a pre-programmed schedule, or is played at a certain time. Sit back and enjoy!
(Then we have to put it all away!)

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