Make Do & Mend

The Brief

We loved working with Red Earth Theatre on their production of Make Do & Mend.

The Make Do and Mend Shop is a place where things get mended and every object brought in for repair has a story to tell. Some are practical everyday tales, some are puzzles and some are curiosities. Other stories take you on a journey and at the end you’re not the same person you were at the beginning. An object is mended and you’ve been changed.

We provided all of the camera and recording equipment, technical support during recording and  Sound Design from James. The project used a mix of Greenscreen pre-recorded content along with shadow puppetry and acting on the set to create an engaging VOD (Video On Demand) that schools across the country subscribed to watch.

Once the shoot was complete, we edited together all of the elements to create the final video that was distributed to all of the schools.

Cast, Creatives, Credits and more:

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Project Features

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Video Examples

Studio Filming
Here are some example shots that were filmed in the studio with our kit. We had a 4 camera shoot that was live cut, and then tweaked in post production.
Greenscreen & Puppetry
The project called for a mixture of studio recorded scenes, and Greenscreen elements. This created a variety of shots that kept the project engaging for the audience.
Engaging Credits
We spiced up the credits with some of the Greenscreen footage.

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