About us at Warehouse Digital

Who are we?

Pete Hazelwood

Pete was involved in theatre from an early age as a member of his local amateur theatre company. In that time he developed a keen interest into all of the technical aspects of theatre. Thanks to that experience, the following year saw him become an Apprentice at The New Wolsey Theatre. In the years that followed he rose through the ranks to eventually become The Technical Manager in 2018.

James Cook

James has worked in the theatre and audio industry for more than 8 years. During that time he’s worked for many corporate clients, becoming a well respected member of the technical freelance community. He has operated and designed for regional and national number 1 musical tours and owns and runs a successful web hosting and design company ‘Host Oven’.

Picture of James Cook

What do we do?

Picture of Pete and James

Pete and James have been working together on creative and technical projects for the last 7 years. Thanks to Covid-19, the industry has changed beyond all recognition. As a full time technical manager and a self employed, freelancer this has affected us both in vastly different ways. However, we have both recognised the need for the industry to adapt to survive and we believe that one of the keystones of these adaptations is the appropriate technical/logistical support to achieve it.

This is where Warehouse Digital comes in.

Warehouse Digital is a company whose prime focus is to enable all organisations to reach new and existing audiences by fully utilising digital media.
We will work with our clients, producing engaging online digital content, creating bespoke theatrical trailers, supporting you to create fully accessible marketing packages and helping to improve your social media content.
We will strive to ensure that, no matter the size or financial position of your organisation, we will be able to offer our support.