Digital Touch Tour

Sensory Introduction

A Digital Touch Tour, or Sensory Introduction as it is also known, is a carefully curated video designed to enable partially sighted and blind audiences to experience textures and sounds of props and scenery from the comfort of their own home; enabeling them to gain a better understanding of the world designed around a piece of theatre.

Using a combination of close up images and high quality audio recordings of interacting with different textures used on set and props, we can build up a virtual tour of any set. This helps to immerse audiences in the performance more than simply watching or listening to the piece and enables audiences to access what might have been offered only in person in the past.

Combining these images and sounds with an Audio Description of the set as a whole, you can begin to get a good idea of what the entire set looks like.

A Sensory Introduction is a great asset in your toolkit for creating accessible theatre, and we can help you create yours for your show. Send us a message to see how we can help.

Digital Touch Tour

Some examples of Sensory Introductions we have created.


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